1232 Croston Road / Paw Paw, WV 25434    304-496-9444


Our facility offers a 30 student static paper Handgun range with distances of contact-35yds. Our tactical range allows for 180deg firing, use of cover/concealment barricades, two 7-plate plate racks and a dozen ¼ scale man AR500 targets and a 7 plate dueling tree.


Our rifle range allows shooters to shoot distances from 25yds to 600 yards. Wooden frame target holders placed at 100-600 yards allows for up to 10 shooters at one time. Multiple reactive steel targets of various sizes are scattered throughout the rifle range as well. Shooters can safely shoot from any of the 5 rifle positions (Standing, Kneeling, Sitting, Squat or Prone) or use either of our concrete shooting benches. An additional feature of our range allows multiple shooters to safely use the rifle and handgun ranges simultaneously.